Collis School Movie Making & Stop Animation Workshops Booking Page

This page is only for parents whose child attends Collis Primary School in Teddington and would like to make a booking for the Film Making & Stop Animation Club

Summer Term 2022 (April To June 2022)

Wednesday’s  during term-time at 12:15 -12:45

Cost: £66 per term

Name of Child & Class (e.g.2C)
Parent’s Phone No.

About the Classes

The Movie Making  Workshops provide an introduction to the basic skills of Stop Motion Animation, working with plasticine, lego and a variety of other objects. Children use laptops and cameras to create short Stop Motion Animation clips using “I Can Animate” software. Clips are then developed further by adding sound, graphics, transitions and other effects. Children will also use film making software such as Digital Movie Creator and Windows Movie Maker to create their own films. Microphone fun and sound effects will all be taught plus much much more!

Digital Movie Creator

Digital Blue Movie Creator is an easy-to-use digital video camera and movie-making software package that allows children and adults to use the PC to script and star in their own feature movies. Digital Movie Creator invites children and adults to direct, film, star in and edit their own movies – all with the power of their PCs. Be your own director with this incredibly versatile movie maker! Digital Movie Creator is perfect for the budding young director. It gives users the ability to shoot movies and then add special effects, titles, sounds, and even transitions between scenes with easy-to-use software.

Pivot Stickman

Pivot Stickfigure Animator is a unique piece of software, that allows children to create stick figure animations easily and without any artistic skills. You can move the sections of the stick figure and easily create a chain of animation frames that can be previewed as you go.You can use more than one stick-figure in the animation, and even create your own stick figures using an easy to use visual editor that lets children assemble objects out of lines and circles.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a piece of Windows software that enables children to create home movies and slide shows on their computers, complete with professional-looking titles, transitions, effects, music, and even narration.

I Can Animate

I Can Animate lets children create stunning movies using a variety of animation techniques. It uses different video layers so children can create an animation from video captured from a camera, pictures they have drawn or both together.

Microphone Fun

Children love using the microphone to record their voices, create sound effects and narrate their projects.