Classes at the Mall School in Twickenham

Mall School Computerkids

Classes take place at The Mall school in Twickenham on a Tuesday afternoons in the Science Suite at 4.15pm until 5.00pm.

All boys work on Microsoft Office concentrating on Word, Excel, Publisher & Powerpoint. Boys also use Problem solving software to help develop their computer skills. A description of all Software we use can be found at the top of the website labelled software we use.

Mall School Film making & Stop Animation

Classes take place at the Mall School on a Wednesday afternoons in the Science Suite at 4.15pm until 5.00pm.

The Film Making & Stop Animation Club provides an introduction to the basic skills of Stop Motion Animation, working with Playmobil figures, lego and a variety of other objects. Children use laptops and cameras to create short Stop Motion Animation clips using “I Can Animate” software. Clips are then developed further by adding sound, graphics, transitions and other effects. Children will also use film making software such as Digital Movie Creator, Pivot Man and Windows Movie Maker to create their own short films. Microphone  and sound effects will all be taught plus much more!