Software We Use

School computer classes by Computerkids - Richmond Teddington Twickenham
Below is an outline of some of the programs children will be using, alongside the curriculum areas & skills being complemented:

Mario Teaches Typing

There are four sections to the program. The first, the Beginner or Basic level, teaches the rows of keys on the keyboard, starting with the home row. The Intermediate Level has players typing words, and the Advanced level has players typing whole sentences.

The game continues until players reach the advanced setting and can type 50 words a minute. You are then a Mario Graduate. Other features of the game include: Colorful interface and animations to you through typing lessons. There are special surprise victory screens when you reach word-per-minute goals. Marios Typing teaches proper posture and other important typing tips.

Biz Wiz

A small business simulator, Biz Wiz integrates game play with meaningful computer activities showing how technology is used in a competitive commercial working situation. Students interact with the bank, use an employment agency and market analyst, hire and fire staff, advertise, and purchase parts. They also have to set a keen market price for their products to ensure they remain competitive in the PC market.

Life Skills Time & Money Age group 6-11 years

Teaches the more advanced skills in understanding the value of money. Exciting activities are provided that are designed to develop memory and matching skills, as well as giving pupils a solid foundation in the basics of telling the time and handling money.

Maths Mansion – 9-11 years

Key maths objectives including multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, ratio, proportion, area, triangles and quadrilaterals. The program is based on the popular TV series in which children are trapped in a gothic mansion until they complete a range of maths challenges.

Zoo Vet – 8 years plus

Endorsed by London Zoo, this program introduces players to life at a zoo and gives them the ability to care for a diverse group of animals while interacting with entertaining characters.

Jump ahead Typing

Help Botley save the competition! Professor Sparks, along with his robot pal, Botley, has just completed work on the galaxy’s first Interplanetary Stadium for Extreme Typing. Just as the games are ready to begin, bratty little Polly Sparks locks the head coach of the Spark’s Dream Team in the Trophy Room! Practice your typing skills in a series of seven timed typing tests, to set him free.

The Map Detectives 6-11 years

Geographical skills using Ordnance Survey style town centre and London Underground maps, map symbols, compass skills, distance and scale, grid references, route planning etc.

Hidden Expedition Titanic 5 years +

On April 14,1912. The great steamship RMS Titanic struck an iceberg and within hours sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. As part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League, it is the pupils job to explore the wreckage of this once-majestic ship and collect antique artefacts for the Titanic museum.

Map Detectives Rural mystery 8-13 years

Rich Spangle’s celebrity party was ruined when someone stole one of his most treasured possessions. Pupils need to use their geography and map reading skills to track down the culprit.

Amazing Adventures (The Caribbean Secret) 5 years +

Legend tells of a Spanish ship loaded with gold that vanished in the Caribbean sea. Pupils explore the exotic locations and find cleverly hidden objects to piece together clues to the Caribbean secret.

Typing Instructor Deluxe

Typing Instructor Deluxe is the first product of its kind that combines powerful typing instruction,a variety of personalised typing plans,dynamic learning ,selectable travel themes,and ten action-packed, multi-level games that keep you entertained while you improve.

Sim Park 8 years +

Sim Park allows kids to create and run their own flowering,buzzing,chirping,roaring park. Pupils can chose from a forest full of plants and animals to fill their living and evolving ecosytems. Pupils can add picnic tables and slides to attract humans.

Professor Roberts 9-14yrs

This resource contains three interactive computer programs and a comprehensive workbook of teaching ideas. An absorbing collection of intractive simulations requiring pupils to manoeuvre one or more objects from a starting position to a defined end position, using the shortest, collision–free route.

Casper the Friendly Ghost 6-8yrs

Join Casper the Friendly Ghost on a fascinating adventure through the mysterious, dark and spooky alley. Packed with exciting games, colourful animations, hidden rewards and cool sound effects, children must find all the lost puppies before the tractors move in and demolish the alley. Each game encourages children to practice and learn vital problem solving skills in a fun and stimulating environment.
Children are encouraged to learn: Reasoning and logic, memory development, critical thinking, problem solving, understanding shapes and patterns, colour and number recognition, addition and subtraction and listening skills.

Garfield Typing

Garfield’s Typing Pal offers a complete and personalised method for learning keyboard using characters that children recognize. This piece of software helps children greatly improve their skills .

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