School Computer Tuition Classes

Computerkids school computing tuition Teddington Richmond Twickenham Computerkids offer supplementary computer tuition for years 2 to 6 children within schools in the Richmond and Kingston-Upon-Thames area of South West London.
We use a tried and tested system of teaching children computer literacy skills by means of fun activities, thus complementing their existing IT knowledge.
The classes we hold are not designed to replace the existing school IT curriculum, but rather to add to them, with the aim of giving the children “computer confidence”.
The aim is to educate them so that before long they don’t feel intimidated by the thought of using a pc and they’re able to use software to create basic spreadsheets, Word documents and presentations.

The need for computer skills in the modern world is increasing at an astonishing rate. This, combined with an increasingly demanding educational syllabus has created a need for alternative routes for children to develop their computing skills in a structured way.
We teach the children (usually on our own computers) using a wide range of carefully selected software to prepare them, not only for future IT experience, but life skills as well.
A few examples of the software we use are as follows:
Microsoft Office products – we teach them the basics of Word, Powerpoint and Excel so that they can create, modify and save documents.
Life skills time & money – this teaches them about how much things cost, paying for items, the basics of handling money and for younger pupils, telling the time.
Map detectives – basic navigation skills, using public transport maps & getting from A to B.
Hidden Expedition: Titanic – a hidden object game, a great test for learning new words and perfect for kids for whom English is not their first language.

“You can earn sweets and chocolate prizes – there is even a Christmas party! Although the best bit…is that you learn so much you get to help your parents on their computer!” – Sophie, Yr 5 Student

“Computerkids is the best! I mostly enjoy pivot stickfigure…” – James, Yr 5 Student

We always aim to create a stimulating & fun, but challenging environment in our classes. We know that, after 12 years experience of teaching IT, they learn much faster when enjoying themselves!